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For the cosmetic patient, the current cosmetic marketplace has become an overwhelming deluge of products, services, and cosmetic providers. It seems that you can’t open a magazine, watch television or even drive down the road without feeling inundated with advertisements for various services that claim to make your skin look better. It also seems that a patient can have cosmetic services administered by just about any type of provider these days, some of whom have learned cosmetic treatments by taking a weekend seminar.

The highest level of medical expertise for cosmetic procedures at High Desert Dermatology

We admit that the doctors at High Desert Dermatology are a bit biased, but we feel that patients deserve the highest level of medical expertise for cosmetic treatments. Why trust the health and appearance of your skin to a minimally trained practitioner when you could have a board certified dermatologist, who has spent years of advanced training in the care of skin, administer your treatment?

Personalized skin care for Botox and filler treatments

Here at High Desert Dermatology, we are committed to the highest level of patient care. We also strive to form collaborative alliances with our patients, wherein we work together to achieve your cosmetic goals. Unlike some other skin care facilities, we distinctly do not have a “one-size-fits-all” approach to our Botox or filler treatments. Rather, our treatments are personalized with regard to patient preferences and the unique anatomy of each individual.

Top of the line skin care products

At High Desert Dermatology, we carry many skin care products from Vivite Skin Care, La Roche-Posay, Clinique Medical, Vanicream, including their signature product, Free & Clear, along with many other high quality skin care products.

High Desert Dermatology only offers treatments proven to be safe and effective

We are proud to offer cosmetic services that have been proven to be safe and effective. High Desert Dermatology does not offer services that have been shown in medical studies to carry what we feel to be an unacceptably high risk of complications or a low patient satisfaction rate. There are multitudes of filler products available, but many offer disappointing results or unpleasant side effects. We simply do not offer those products.

We value the relationships we build with patients

We know that patients have many options when it comes to their cosmetic treatments and High Desert Dermatology strives to establish a relationship with our patients that makes them feel valued and appreciated. We enjoy the opportunity to have lasting relationships with our patients.

Finally, we understand that cosmetic services represent a discretionary expenditure of personal finances and we feel that patients deserve the highest quality results for their discretionary expenses. Therefore, all of the skin treatments provided at High Desert Dermatology are performed by the physicians themselves. No treatments are delegated to assistants.

For any questions about cosmetic dermatology or to schedule and appointment, please contact High Desert Dermatology.

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