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Many benign lesions are removed with a skin biopsy and excision. Many patients request the removal of benign moles for cosmetic reasons or because the mole becomes sore and itchy when rubbed by clothing. The most common method of removal is to shave the mole flush with the surrounding skin. This technique leaves a flat, skin-colored to light scar the size of the original lesion. Other types of removal are also available and your High Desert physician will choose the technique that will leave you with the most cosmetically acceptable scar.

Local anesthetic and small incision

A cyst is a round lump, or sac, under the skin that fills with a semi-solid material and sometimes becomes inflamed and sore. Cyst removal is a commonly requested procedure that is similar to excision. At your surgical appointment, your dermatologist will begin by outlining the cyst wall. Local anesthetic will then be administered. A small incision will be made over the cyst and the sac will be removed through the incision, then it will be closed. The entire procedure takes 15-30 minutes. The scar that results will be a fine line approximately the length of the diameter of the original cyst.

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