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There is a very simple reason that Botox has become so amazingly popular—it works! In terms of cosmetic “bang for buck,” not much, if anything, can compare to Botox. It is FDA approved and, contrary to popular myth, it is exceedingly safe. High Desert Dermatology has never had any cases of extreme or unexpected side effects from Botox.

How it works

The mechanism by which Botox diminishes unwanted facial lines is very simple. Botox weakens, or if desired, can completely paralyze unnecessary facial muscles. For example, the main reason that people have lines between their eyebrows is that the muscles in the region, when contracted, squeeze the skin into deep creases. Contracting these muscles is often done unconsciously or during intense concentration, but over time, can result in deeply ingrained lines that can create an outward appearance of anger. A few Botox injections into this area can cause a weakening of the muscles so that when a person concentrates, there is much less, if any, squeezing of the brow muscles. The result is a more approachable, friendly and relaxed appearance.

Botox for the forehead

In addition to the muscles that squeeze the brows together, there are a number of other regions on the face that can be treated with Botox. For instance, the forehead is an area that is particularly responsive to Botox. The horizontal lines that many people develop over time can be reduced or completely eradicated. If desired, High Desert Dermatology can create a slight arching and lifting of the brows when treating the forehead with Botox.

Botox and crow’s feet

Crow’s feet are also very successfully treated with Botox. These lines often develop over time from squinting or smiling. Small amounts of Botox injected into the muscles in this area allows an individual to continue to smile fully, but minimizes squinting and creasing of the skin adjacent to eyes.

There are a few other very specialized areas on the face that can be injected with Botox, including down-turned corners of the mouth to create an elevation in this region, and lower eyelids for excessively puffy skin.

Lasts 3 to 6 months

On average, the effects of a Botox treatment last 4 months. Some patients who receive lower doses or have more powerful facial muscles may only experience 3 months of improvement. On the other hand, High Desert Dermatology has many patients who experience the effects of their Botox treatments for up to 6 months. Botox takes up to a week to take effect after the treatment session, but most people start to see results as early as 2 or 3 days afterward.

Side effects extremely rare

Side effects of Botox are very, very rare. The most common complication is bruising at the site of the injection, though this is very uncommon. High Desert Dermatology is exceptionally careful when injecting the Botox to minimize the potential for bruising. We are almost always able to see and/or feel any small veins beneath the skin so that we do not inadvertently injure these small blood vessels when performing the injections. Other very rare complications include brow drooping or lid drooping. Headache is also a very rare side effect, but has been shown NOT to be due to the Botox, but rather to the stress of being poked with a needle.

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    Botox at High Desert Dermatology

    High Desert Dermatology uses ultra-fine needles

    Speaking of needles, High Desert Dermatology’s technique places great emphasis on patient comfort. We use the smallest needle available (31 gauge). Additionally, though most facilities will utilize the same needle for many injections on a given patient, High Desert Dermatology prefers to use each needle for only one injection. These ultra-fine needles become dull after only one or two uses so we therefore use a fresh needle for each and every injection to minimize patient discomfort. Our needles are in fact so small and sharp that some patients don’t even realize that an injection has taken place.

    Botox pricing at High Desert Dermatology

    In terms of price, we charge by the unit. And, at a mere $13.50 per unit, High Desert Dermatology is among the least expensive in the Albuquerque area. We do not charge “by the region,” because everyone’s face is created differently, patients have different goals, and therefore require dramatically different quantities of Botox. We tailor each patient’s treatment to accommodate their specific aesthetic desires and their discretionary finances.

    Platinum Plus provider

    High Desert Dermatology is able to offer such low rates because we are recognized as a Platinum Plus provider for Botox. This prestigious classification is due to the fact that we administer much more Botox than other providers in the region and are recognized for our proficiency by Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox. Our board certified dermatologists perform all cosmetic injections and are trained experts in these procedures.

    Patient satisfaction

    We are supremely committed to patient satisfaction. High Desert Dermatology knows that our patients are knowledgeable consumers and have many options in terms of where they obtain their cosmetic services. We are honored to be the choice of so many patients and we appreciate the favorable word of mouth referrals that have made us so successful. If a patient is ever less than fully satisfied with his or her treatment, every effort will be made to amend the situation. Touch-ups are almost always free.

    Please contact us with questions about Botox, or to schedule an appointment

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